Monolithe Noir
BE | Label: Humpty Dumpty
Benelux (Promotor) Dieter Craeye

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Having passed through the inevitable rock groups and then departing into increasingly ambitious and conceptual projects, Antoine Pasqualini, Yannick Dupont and Christophe Claeys put their expansive musicality to work in the service of Monolithe Noir.

Their music is unpredictable by nature and surprising by choice and escapes the hackneyed adjectives that segment our record collections. It draws on a myriad of influences: prog, ambient, electronica, folk, and even the hidden treasures of Italian library music. It does not hide behind a screen of artificial complexity but is, above all, directly aimed at us.

Press quotes ‘RIN’: 

‘Qua toon én kwaliteit vormt Rin een straf triumviraat met Portisheads Third en James Holdens The Animal Spirits.’ Focus/Le VIF

‘Tout en polyrythmie et voix discrète, le troisième album du groupe porté par Antoine Pasqualini convoque les chemins bretons dans une pure merveille kraut.’ Libération

‘It is where Monolithe Noir get experimental and melodic at the same time that the real genius of this album comes to the fore. File under experimental but wildly fantastic.’ Higher Plain Music

‘On est bluffé par la qualité de l’ensemble, la musicalité et le grain qui traversent l’album.’ Mowno

‘Rin is fabulously disorientating, just like the best works of art should be.’Electronic Sound




Humpty Dumpty(2022)