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Mind Rays is a loud punk band from Ghent that has been known for a number of years for their raw sound and numerous intense, wild live shows. After a split 7 “with Teen Creeps and an EP on the Californian label Gnar Tapes in 2015, they released their debut full-length album Nerve Endings (PNKSLM Recs) in 2017, with many rave reviews and a European tour with Together Pangea as a result. At the end of 2019 their second full length LP will be released on the same PNKSLM label from Stockholm. The album promises to be a powerful evolution of the band’s sound and was recorded in March this year in the Hightime Studio with Pieter-Paul Devos (Raketkanon, Kapitan Korsakov).



Nerve Endings
Mind Rays
Gnar Tapes(2015)
Mind Rays/Teen Creeps 7" split
Oddie Records(2015)

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