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Mess Esque is the musical vision of Dirty Three guitarist Mick Turner & Mckisko composer Helen Franzmann. Since forming via a lockdown-confined correspondence in 2020, they have recorded & released two records: Dream #12 (Bedroom Suck) & Mess Esque (Drag City/ Milk!).

Together they create a curious synthesis of dream pop, psych soul & ethereal indie rock. Effortlessly balancing bold emotional immediacy with a quietly assured sense of composure, Mess Esque draw the listener into their compelling world of sideways shadows & nocturnal projections. Franzmann’s dream diary reflections & cyclical refrains echo Turner’s tapestry of guitar loops, organs, flutes & scattered percussion. Melodies arch upwards dramatically before dissolving into diaphanous substratums of whispers & sighs. Songs unfold in their own time, drifting outwards before circling back to find themselves where they left off, each time the same but somehow different.

While ongoing restrictions hindered and postponed live performances, 2022 sees Mess Esque finally able to recreate these special songs in the concert setting with a full band. The results will no doubt be as captivating & mesmeric as they appear on record.

Mess Esque play dates across Europe in support of Kurt Vile this Aug/Sept, after a recent US tour in May, including a coveted slot at Wilco’s Solid Sound festival.



Mess Esque
Drag City Records(2021)

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