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Menomena is a band from Portland, Oregon made up of multi-instrumentalists Justin Harris and Danny Seim. Both members of the band share singing/songwriting duties while recording themselves in their homes.


In 2006, Menomena signed with Seattle’s Barsuk Records and released Friend and Foe the following year. The fourth Menomena LP Mines was released in 2009 and the band spent the next two years playing their music everywhere from the Coachella festival in California to the Laneway Festival in Australia, to Hawaii and Alaska, as well as performing on national television. Mines was constructed the same way as they always made music: they jammed and recorded hundreds of loops spontaneously, using the same ol’ trusty software program Brent wrote as a college assignment back in the day. they individually pieced the resulting loops together like jigsaw puzzles, adding in voices and sentimentality. They made big strides building skeletal song structures, and did a decent job collaborating as the ideas began to take shape. But just when a song became familiar to one of us, the other two members broke it apart again, breaking each others’ hearts along the way. They recorded, rebuilt, and ultimately resented each other and they’re all proud of the results.


Justin and Danny’s fifth Menomena album, Moms came out September 2012 on Barsuk Records.


Friend And Foe