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With an infectious energy that shines through even the most plodding beats, the debut LP from Chicago’s Melkbelly is the kind of inspired noise-pop that similarly conquers 100 sound-alikes to lodge itself in the brain. Nothing Valley sounds like a long-lost indie-rock staple from the early ’90s, all squealing guitars and lo-fi production values, conveying an endearingly ramshackle punk vibe that belies its artful construction—a hyper-caffeinated Pavement with extra distortion pedals. Jittery start-stop art-pop nuggets sit alongside droning bass riffs, often fused to ferocious squalls of sound. Throughout it all is the minor-key melodicism found in the jangling licks and sing-song vocals of Miranda Winters, who sounds like nothing so much as a third Deal sister. (It’s no surprise that Melkbelly is currently on tour with The Breeders.) The music’s frenetic exuberance makes Melkbelly its own beast, agreeably loose and loud, and thoroughly accessible below its deceptive, no-wave exterior. (txt by AV CLUB)

“Melkbelly reach their hands into pink slime and somehow pull out real nourishment, along the way finding square footing for a mutual next step.” — Pitchfork

“Nothing Valley may be a debut from 2017, but it’s got all the confidence of a band whose been around a while, and a sound that seems like this record has already made its mark.”
— Prefix Magazine

“It’s a brutal mix of sour-sweet hooks and rickety noise collage that makes for a shifty and shapeless but satisfying listen” — Stereogum

“Nothing Valley sounds like a long-lost indie-rock staple from the early ’90s” — The A.V. Club

“It’s an impressive display of indie rock knowledge and ability, enough to make anyone thinking they should give the band a pass some deep second thoughts” — All Music

“This is an imaginative and fun record; if you’ve seen Melkbelly live, you know their sense of nervy energy, and this is the first recording of theirs that truly captures that.” – Bandcamp

“Melkbelly wrangle the tidal-size tension and release of noise rock with expert hands, pushing its blown-out frenzy inch by inch toward endearing indie pop.” – Chicago Reader

“‘Nothing Valley lives up to the promise of the band’s earlier releases… It’s a more textured, carefully considered release than its predecessors, but it doesn’t sacrifice any of the band’s trademark aggression and attitude.” — Chicago Tribune

“Melkbelly have the good taste and even better talent to make the familiar sound fresh and fearsome.” — Consequence of Sound

“Goddamn, Melkbelly’s Anxiety-Laced ‘Middle Of’ Is a Certified Ripper” — Noisey

“Cramming what should be an unworkable heap of concepts and sounds into a deliciously volatile 35 minutes, Nothing Valley is a bracing blend of scraping noise and tender melody. . .”
— Paste

“A solidified vision of 90’s indie rock turned to rubble” — PopMatters

“As noisy and raw and contagious as they come.” — What Youth