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Maria Taylor is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles CA who has released more than 14 records with Azure Ray and as solo artist. Taylor’s newest record “In the Next Life,” released December 2016, features appearances from Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst, Joshua Radin and more. Her music can often be heard in TV shows and movies, including her recent single “If Only”( ft. Conor Oberst) which appeared in the hit US TV show “This Is Us.” Taylor has toured throughout the US, Europe and Asia, and collaborated with Moby, Michael Stipe of REM, Daniel Johnston, Bright Eyes and more.

“In the Next Life is her warmest and most affecting album… with gorgeous, touching songs about family, legacy, fear and the pursuit of contentment.” – NPR

“One thing that hasn’t changed is Taylor’s way with a quietly catchy melody and lyrics that can make you swallow hard…” – Paste Magazine

“Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor has staked out a solo career as a tender chronicler of human vulnerability and misery. Fortunately… Taylor knows how to employ that empathy in the service of a killer minor-key pop song.” – NPR

“…the serenely beautiful voice most fans first heard in Azure Ray, framed here by echoing guitar and keys and simple, tasteful production. Even without cameos from some friends (Conor Oberst and Joshua Radin included), “In the Next Life” would be special.– 2016: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite L.A. Albums of the Year