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Love Like Birds is the lovechild of Elke De Mey, a young musician, currently living in Ghent, Belgium. The warm, dreamy voice she is blessed with gives her bedroomfolk an attractive, intimistic feeling.

For a while she has been playing as Love Like Birds for anyone who cares to listen, and with a fast growing number of fans it became time for a self-titled EP.


This EP is a first glimpse into the world of Elke and how Love Like Birds evolved from a bedroom project into something enjoyable for all who can hear, especially on a late winter evening, under a blanket…

On this EP she enriches her dark honest, lo-fi songs with subtle arrangements, with the help of the producerduo Jinte Deprez (Balthazar) and Gertjan Van Hellemont (Douglas Firs, The Bony King of Nowhere). It causes the songs to breath and come to life. The whole story is being whispered into your ears, as if you’d been watching a nice scenery. Often you get the impression she wants to avoid that the neighbours can eavesdrop on her personal tales.

In May 2012, Elke and her band won the VIBE.ON AIR award for their song ‘Heavy Heart’ on Belgian National radio station Studio Brussels.
VIBE. ON AIR is a show concept of Studio Brussels and Belgian non profit organisation Poppunt that strives to bring forth and support new talent by giving it more air play on National radio.

In Sept. 2012, Love Like Birds released a new mix of the single Sailorboy, together with a live DVD recording of their White Room Sessions.




Love Like Birds