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After a four-year wait for new music, L’itch returns with a new record “A Numbers Game,” due out October 10th.

L’itch, hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, is a dynamic four-piece that’s been shaking up the contemporary heavy rock scene. Their first album ‘Urges’ was put together in an empty hospital, and showcases a blend of alternative and heavy rock, peppered with grunge and British influences. The band quickly developed into an energetic stage bomb and now presents us with their first new single ‘Fa Zhou’, a thunderous noise-pop train ride. 

It almost feels as if Sander Blok (drums), Jeroen De Vos (bass), Kobe Walleghem (guitar) and Sander Rom (vocals, guitar) are purposefully throwing themselves against a concrete wall, only to capture it for us in a song. ‘Fa Zhou’ comes at you from every direction and is packed with hooks that you can barely get out of your head.

L’itch showcase their exceptional ability to capture their impulsiveness in well-crafted songs that give you goosebumps from start to finish. Their unmistakable sound shows traces of post-punk, power-pop, noise-pop and grime: an eclectic mix that you just have to see live.