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L’itch is a Mechelen-based (BE) quartet pursuing sounds mostly found in contemporary heavy rock music. These self-proclaimed krank-rockers wrote their first record (‘Urges’) in an empty hospital in order to develop an unmistakable and hectic sound. Make no mistake, the gentlemen like to keep things simple, but they have been able to reconcile hectic with catchy, developing a very unique musical lingo of their own.

Live, L’itch will grab you by the throat, that much is certain. Their energetic shows lure you into their universe in a mesmerising and compelling way, designed to keep you there. They already shared the stage with bands like Psychonaut, Pothamus, Ronker… and are currently working on a new record.

L’itch aims to stay, and with a hungry gaze they look forward to a year full of shows. Go watch them live.