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Liesa Van der Aa is a violinist, composer and actress – a young artist generally performing solo. Live, Liesa constructs her universe with voice scramblers, loops and effects, thus enhancing the encounter of the classical and the experimental. In 2012 she made her debut with Troops, an album that is recorded and mixed in close collaboration with Boris Wilsdorf, sound engineer of Einsturzende Neubauten. “Troops is a destroyed baroque party, a parade of mechanical ghosts, an industrial fair in the suburbs of reality; a delirium outside of frameworks, outside the laws, outside the world.”


After a live make-over from this album with choir, an EP “Where What’s Happening” filled with covers and a string of theatre-, film and opera compositions, Liesa van der Aa focused the next two years on writing a musical triptych based on the myth of Osiris: The Weighing of the Heart (WOTH). This second album is a triple concept album in which Van der Aa is researching the meaning of the ‘judgement’ today, and how the individual could and should relate itself to a society full of excess and influences. Liesa explores her preferred musical styles: baroque, soundscape/electronics and pop. She teams up with several musicians from Belgium and abroad (including frequent collaborations with PJ Harvey, John Parish, My Brightest Diamond, Mick Harvey and Beck). A big theatre production based on the album and its text was created and has toured in the Benelux to great success.


In a trio setting Van der Aa brings songs from her first two albums. Together with Ephraïm Cielen (guitar, voice, drums) and Elisabeth De Loore (piano, voice), Liesa Van der Aa creates a clash between contemporary classical music and seventies pop, romantics and experiment, techno and Dallas.


Liesa Van der Aa(2014)
Where What's Happening
Volvox Music(2013)