Lawrence Arabia
nz | Label: Bella Union
Belgium (Promotor) Steven Thomassen

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We may have gotten you all thinking that the only bands we signed were american and with a tinge of beardy folk about them which of course is plainly untrue, (see abe vigoda, wavves, beach house, I break horses, the kissaway trail, chimes and bells etc) and while next Feb a new Midlake album will be released, (more news next month), Jan 5 sees the release of a supremely exciting new talent with Lawrence Arabia’s ‘Chant Darling’.

LAWRENCE ARABIA is the pseudonym of James Milne, born 1981 in Christchurch, New Zealand. James has already established a rich musical resume as a former member of the Brunettes, The Ruby Suns and one time touring member of Okkervil River. He has also produced for films and theatre and wrote the score for the indie film hit, “Eagle vs Shark”.

“Chant Darling” is his UK and Bella Union debut.

Debut single ‘The Beautiful Young Crew’ crawls craftily under your skin and I guarantee you’ll be humming it before the day’s out. As for “Apple Pie Bed”, little wonder writer and singer James Milne just won a prestigious writers award for this in his home country of New Zealand. This is as good a pop song as you’ll hear this year/next year (delete as appropriate to when you read this..if youre reading this in 2136, this was what pop music once sounded like yes.)

Its got that lazy-feel pop touch that has gentle african and hawaiian hints wandering amongst the rhythms and the guitars.

‘I’ve Smoked Too Much’, ‘Look like A Fool’ and superb closer “Dream Teacher” which is a delicious nod to the vocal arrangements of the young Brian Wilson, all herald the arrival, when we were least expecting it, of a major songwriting talent.

“Chant Darling” was produced by Lawrence Arabia and mixed and mastered by Olly Harmer.

Spread the words, Lawrence Arabia.



Chant Darling
Bella Union(2009)
Lawrence Arabia
Bella Union(2006)