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Krakow started in 1999 in the apartment of Piet de Pessemier. He was forced to play softly not to wake the neighbors and this way of composing suited him perfectly. Pretty soon Gert Cools and Wim Grosemans joined him and provided the necessary musical backbone with bass and drums. As a trio they steadily kept on working on songs and soon they figured the sound lacked a female voice. A problem quickly solved, when Niné Chipolletti joined the band. With her fragile voice she manages to move the audience over and over again. Soon the first concerts were booked. The continuously improving compositions and their most important trademarks, simplicity? and vocal harmony always seemed to convince the audience. Their title-less debut EP sold very well after concerts and was consequently soon sold out. Nevertheless Krakow decided not to press any extra copies, because they had noticed a certain change in their way of playing. Even more fragile and sensitive. After a series of concerts Wim decided in 2004 to leave Krakow, due to personal reasons. Bart Ivens was to replace him. Bart was already a fan for a long time and had been playing with Gert in another band called Burtis Asla. Since one of the original members was already being replaced, Piet saw the time fit to look for a second guitar player as well.Wim Smets, who creates the samples and soundscapes in the band Willo the Wisp, seemed to be the right man for the job and his sound proved to be the perfect match for Krakow. Even as a fivesome Krakow strictly sticks to its own rules of simplicity and restraint, even if the last one is sometimes disturbed by a huge wall of sound. Nevertheless Krakow always holds on to its basic rule: ?Always play slowly


Far Away Look
Zeal Records(2009)
As the Heart Is
Zeal Records(2007)