Krakow Loves Adana
de | Label: Better Call Rob

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‘Lyrics that will make us question the present day and music that will leave us speechless’ –The Revue

Kraków Loves Adana, the Hamburg based duo of Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann, formed the band after meeting in a nightclub in 2006. The pair’s guitar-driven songs contain echoes of indie rock, but deliver in a brooding and often mysterious way. They soon started working on their debut album Beautywhich was released in 2010 followed by their second LP Interview (2012).


After touring together and accumulating a fan audience Kraków Loves Adana started self-releasing a series of singles followed by the release of their third studio album Call Yourself New(2017) –here theduo once again opened the doors to their cinematic world. A place that is intense, brooding and melancholic, but also beautiful, exhilarating and spectacular.


With their new singles ‘American Boy’ and ‘Rapture’ Kraków Loves Adana gave a foretaste of whatis to expect from their forthcoming album Songs After The Blue, which was released April 6th 2018 on the band’s own record label Better Call Rob.




Songs After The Blue
Better Call Rob / Rough Trade(2018)
Call Yourself New
Better Call Rob(2017)
Clouds Hill(2012)
Clouds Hill(2010)