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Inside Seaside Festival - Gdansk (pl)
Paard - Den Haag (nl)
Oosterpoort - Groningen (nl)
Trix - Antwerpen (be)
Muziekgieterij - Maastricht (nl)
Stollwerck - Koln (de)
Rolling Stone Beach - Luebeck (de)
Teatro das Figarus - Faro (pt) + ensemble da EPME
Culturgest - Lisbon (pt) + ensemble da EPME
Theatro Circo - Braga (pt) + ensemble da EPME
Theatro Viriato - Viseu (pt) + ensemble da EPME
Auditorio de Espinho - Espihno (PT) + ensemble da EPME
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Kevin Morby writes (and records, and imagines) at an almost incomparable clip, and his most recent album, This Is A Photograph, studies life, time and mortality through myriad lenses. Its a dynamic, buoyant record on big, heavy themes, so it only makes sense that Morby found he wasnt quite done with it on its completion. More Photographs (A Continuum) finds new nooks, corners and vantage points. If This Is A Photograph is a house that you have been living inside of,” says Morby, then More Photographs is, perhaps, the same home just experienced differently. As if you, its inhabitant, have taken a tab of something psychedelic and now, suddenly, you’ve replaced your eyeglasses with kaleidoscopes.”

Here, Morby returns to his landmark album’s bottomless themes with new wisdom, new imagination, and the winking, looping callbacks that tie his full body of work together in uniquely special ways. Everything you once thought was familiar,” he continues, suddenly appears differently, shifting shapes, color and sonic landscapes.” “Five Easy Pieces Revisited” captures the same moment from Bobbys point of view; This Is A Photograph II” takes a similar tack, revisiting its predecessor from a different angle. Triumph” explores more of the myths and deaths that surround Memphis, TN, this time inspired by Big Stars Chris Bell. And Kingdom Of Hearts” arrives as an origin story to both This Is A Photograph and its new companion.

With every collection of songs,” says Morby, I feel I must cast them out of me before moving onto the next project, and here I knew that what I had begun with This Is A Photograph was not finished. Releasing this collection is my tying a bow on that time and place in my creative life.” With a luxurious nine tracks – three re-imaginings and six brand new songs – More Photographs (A Continuum) is prequel, sequel and primer to an already rich and generous record from one of our most luminous modern songwriters.  



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