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In the tradition of several live acts like DARKSIDE, David August and Moderat, Julian Hival brings electronic dance music with a 3-piece live band. Influenced by different electronic subgenre’s, Julian Hival makes music that is accessible and experimental at the same time: ranging from Berlin underground techno to alienating downtempo compositions.

Pulsating analog synths and heavy basses are contrasted by a haunting falsetto, cinematic ambients and dark club music are boiled down to a melancholic yet energetic whole: hidden in the twilight zone between avant-pop and melodic techno, Julian Hival writes the soundtrack to the dreamlike futuristic world that plays over and over in his head.

A first EP lands on October 4th on the infamous Traum Schallplatten, the same nest Max Cooper, Dominque Eulberg & Nathan Fake flew out of.