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Jerry Spin is the musical alter ego of musician Jeroen De Gussem (Ghent, Belgium), who combines his lifelong passion for story-telling (“spinning” stories) with music. In his lyrics, Jerry explores themes of love, life, loss and memory, exposing his fascination with the human condition, with society, and with the repetitive nature of history.

On his just-released debut EP Beasts, Jerry Spin explored the ‘beastly’ and ‘egocentric’ nature of human kind, resulting in a number of songs where lyrics abound with animal imagery and references to finances and politics. Jerry speaks from the perspective of shrewd businessmen, disappointed door-to-door sellers, greedy loan sharks, and deceitful spin doctors. The first singles from that EP, ‘Offshores’ and ‘Loan Shark’, were immediately picked up by leading national Belgian radio stations and gained favourable press coverage. Another noteworthy feature of Jerry Spin’s music lurks in his visual identity, and in his carefully crafted videoclips.

Jerry Spin’s sound has been compared to that of Father John Misty, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Arcade Fire, and Tame Impala. However, his secret weapon for this EP was perhaps his collaboration with vocalist, pianist, and composer Eline Flintrop, his companion de route, whose clever harmonizing and crystal clear vocals join him on stage to lift the songs to a higher dimension.