Jens Lekman
se | Label: Secretly Canadian
Belgium (Promotor) Steven Thomassen

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Jens Lekman, born in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a songwriter, adventurer and retired bingo hall employee.  With his EP’s and one full-length album Jens Lekman has made hopeless romantics of us all. His songs serve as a reminder to look closer at the world around us, to appreciate the beauty when it’s both in and out of context; at its most heartbreaking, its most loving, and its most absurd.

The new album ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’ came out of a break up. The songs began building from images and memories and soon began to take their own route, one that Lekman wasn’t privy to their destination. The songs on the album are lighter, almost aerodynamic in comparison with his previous album ‘Night Falls Over Kortedala’.

I Know What Love Isn’t” is a collection of songs that grew to a story that had to be told. A story that is not new, but essentially human. The story of the grey areas of love that you have to excavate and explore, using the method of exclusion, to find out what love is.



I Know What Love Isn't
Secretly Canadian(2012)
Night Falls Over Kortedala
Oh You're So Silent Jens
When I said I wanted to be your dog