J. Tillman
usa | Label: Western Vinyl
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Joshua Tillman (b. May 3, 1981) is an American folk  singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is also the current drummer for the Seattle-based band Fleet Foxes. He has maintained a steady output of recordings since 2004 and has toured the US and Europe extensively with Pacific Northwest artists such as Damien Jurado, Jesse Sykes , and David Bazan.

When asked about the beginning of his musical journey back in March 2009, Tillman said: “I started playing music with my brother when I was about 12 and he was 11. I was obsessed with music but the idea of becoming good at the guitar bored me to tears, I’m not really technically proficient on any instrument. I just learnt enough chords so I could write songs, although I have accidentally improved over the years…. I was much more interested in song writing, I probably fancied myself as a person who really had something to say. I think it is just a bad habit I have stuck with really, as a way to identify myself. I don’t know why but every body seems to need a way to identify themselves, be it like “I’m Funny” or “I’m smart” or “I’m a songwriter” or “I’m a drummer”, I think we just cling on to that thing for dear life because if we don’t have it we’re lost. So I guess my musical journey has been all about figuring out who I am through the process of making records. I think I am now coming to the other side of that where I can just view myself as myself, and not get on stage and feel I have to present some false, disingenuous version of myself.”



Singing Ax
Western Vinyl(2010)
Year in the kingdom
Western Vinyl(2009)
Vacilando Territory Blues
Western Vinyl(2008)