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Innerwoud is a one-man-band by Belgian double bass player and composer Pieter-Jan Van Assche. After playing in several bands, from folk to neoclassical, he started to perform mostly solo, giving the double bass all the available space to speak and sing.

The music is often referred to as ambient, drone and neoclassical. Drones are built live upon each other, layering different textures and sounds produced by the double bass. This results in a melancholic trip, wandering in wide open landscapes or craving in anonymous darkness, while the subtle melody shines a humble light on the whole.

Innerwoud has released a full album solo (Mirre, 2015), followed by collaborations with Treha Sektori (Grashelm, 2017) and Astrid Stockman (Haven, 2018), wrote music for several dance performances and is now a part of Dance of the Seven Veils: a contemporary opera directed by Aïda Gabriëls, featuring Colin H. Van Eeckhout (CHVE, Amenra) and many others.

In September 2022 he released his second full length album Furie, featuring nothing but a double bass. Innerwoud is a Consouling Sounds label artist.




Consouling Sounds(2022)
Consouling Sounds(2018)
Consouling Sounds(2015)