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Apart from exorcizing his demons as frontman of Wallace Vanborn, Ian Clement has outed himself as a wilful singer songwriter on his own. Bringing a deep, intimate voice to the set, with both dark and bright songs, Clement conjures an intimate and original world, packed with a lot of imagination.


Having worked with the likes of David Botrill (Tool, Muse, Placebo), Chris Goss (Qotsa, UNKLE) and Peter Obbels (who recorded and produced his first solo record “Drawing Daggers”), Ian saw his chance to record his newest collection of songs under the guidance of another esteemed veteran of the trade, René Tinner. Tinner, who worked on allmost al of the Can records as well as producing for Lou Reed and George Harrison would prove to be a great fit for the less is more approach on Ian’s second solo record, “See Me In Synchronicity”.


Fans of singer-songwriters like Mark Lanegan, Dan Auerbach and Edward Sharpe will fall head over heels for Ian’s intriguing story-telling.


While his second record is scheduled for release later this year, Ian is proud to take the stage to present the new material.



Drawing Daggers
Unday Records(2013)