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Known for their highly energized live shows, the five piece genre-bending act, Holloys, is pleased to announce their first proper LP, Suns Lungs. Due on January, 2012, Suns Lungs will be released via the bands’ own label, Memory Bulldozer Recordings.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Holloys was formed by Jim Brown in 2003. The band’s name is just as magical as their sound, stemming from Brown’s belief that through their music, the band is channeling energy frequencies from a place called Lake Land to a place called Everything (also known as Earth). Holloys are defined as the intelligent energy frequencies that transfer information. Regardless of their philosophy, the band is best known for their ever evolving sound, drawn from a diverse range of cultural traditions and musical genres, which culminates with it’s beat-heavy blend of trance, dance, disco punk, and Afropop. 

Produced by Jim Brown and Travis Kasperbauer, Suns Lungs, was recorded in late May and early June of 2011 at both Lucky Cat Studios and Robot Recording (Home of Kasperbauer and partner Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos) in San Francisco. Booming opener “#25” sets the stage for what the listener is in store for: Fast paced sonic collages glittered with trumpets, enough percussion to make one’s head spin, and lyrics that teeter-totter on the fence of profound and obscure. Brown shares, “#25 may be my favorite track on the album due to the fact that it’s difficult to capture the energy of our live show in the studio, however this song almost conveys that energy.” Additionally “Change Your Lover” a song about the constant flux in life, specifically in regards to relationships, showcases Brown’s talent for coupling powerful lyrics with danceable grooves without it sounding insincere.

Before settling on their current line-up of: Jim Brown (Vocals, Bass, Trumpet), Bryan Lee Brown (Drums, Vibraphone), Derek Wood (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Michael Elliot (Drums), Dominc DeGuzman (Bass, Guitar), and Andrea Newell (Percussion, Vocals), the band cycled through members of At The Drive In, The Breeders, and The Mars Volta. Without the help of any label the band has shared the stage with heavy hitters, such as: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, Foals, Holy Fuck, and Gang of Four. Additionally Holloys has toured as main support for both Battles and One Day As A Lion. Furthermore, Holloys has played events as large as England’s prestigious All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2009 and Spain’s 2010 Alternatilla Festival.

With their infectious yet undefinable sound and their never ending supply of positive energy and artistic vision it makes a person wonder, “Maybe there is something special to this place they call Lake Land!” Find out for yourself by listening to Suns Lungs… But please be warned…you will certainly want to dance.



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