High Hi
be | Label: Caroline Music

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With a dark energetic sounds that sounds like the product of a honeymoon of 80’s indie and 90’s pop, this powertrio makes something that is hard to pin down to one scene or genre.
Previously described as “a three-piece of real substance and scope”, they swear by thunderous guitars, machine gun snare sound and powerful harmonies.

High Hi consists of Anne-Sophie Ooghe (Vocals & Gitaar), Dieter Beerten (Drums & Vocals) en Koen Weverbergh (Bas). After years of rehearsing and playing venues in and around Leuven & Brussels, they exchanged their home basements for a Artist in Residence spot at Trix, a venue in Antwerp.

With producer Reinhard Vanbergen they recorded the merciless instrumental “Calm Down Sir”, a furious single that Punk Fox, a UK Punk label was happy to release as a 7″, and was discovered by BBC’s Steve Lamacq.

After a self-made EP they decided to get back to the drawing board in 2016 to work on new material.

Together with Reinhard Vanbergen and Niek Meul, they returned to record their debut album ‘Hindrance’, which will be in store March 10th 2017.



Caroline Music(2017)