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Hi Hawaii was born out of song leftovers by multi-instrumentalists Jens Bouttery & Lennart Heyndels which have a rich background in jazzbands, popbands, music for theatre, dance and film. Their starting point is the love for a good sing-a-long popsong. However, improvisation and dynamics will not give way in their performances. The core sound of the band is their basic root instrument: Jens on drums and Lennart on electric bass. On top of that, there is a playground of modular & analogue synths, samples and their voices. The duo has it’s roots in Brussels and is currently based in Brussels & Rotterdam.


‘With the aura of a pinball machine, the duo flips between playfull funk and jazz, appealing melancholy and the determined willpower to put a smile on every face. Songs, disguised as absurd little pieces of art, driven by 2 scatterbrains creating order with melody & sound.’ – Ewoud Vermote, Theater Aan Zee 2017

‘Without doubt, the most miraculous and virtuose band of the line-up. A bass player and a drummer which don’t only exercise their own instrument but also have a set of synths beneath their fingers.’ – Focus Knack

‘It must have been at the 5th minute that we realised that any resistance was futile even in the back of the hall. We would have sworn a 5-piece band was giving it’s best.’ – Indiestyle



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Hi Hawaii
(self released)(2019)

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