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It’s hard to spot the one side that epitomizes Helgi Hrafn Jonsson: There’s the lean, blond, loki-type of prankster, that would always be up for a laugh, be the joke on him or someone else. There’s the highly trained trombone-player, having toured and recorded all over europe and the U.S. with a vast array of bands and artists (from Voices of Europe to Sigur Rós), but namely with his own group Beefólk, signed to Wolfgang Muthspiel’s material-records label. There’s also the shy family-guy with an occasional flash of homesickness and a longing for his native habitat Iceland, where he was born in 1979. But most strikingly there’s the indigenous composer, singer and creator, who almost compulsively comes up with an abundance of melodies, harmonies and sounds that would otherwise suffice for two or more careers in the music business.

Aiming for just one, a major stepping stone has been taken with the completion of his debut album ‘Gloandi’ which will be released in September 2005 on material-records. The album finally unites these haunting melodies and sounds in a wide and thrilling variety of songs, that rangefrom enigmatic soundstrucures ‘1993’ or the title-track ‘Gloandi’ to guitar-ridden rocksongs like ‘Make me fall’ or ‘Lighting up for good’.

Songs that allow only one legitimate interpretation: the voice of Helgi Jonsson. From angelic falsetto passages to gut-wrenching screams, the spectrum of vocal ability amazes, touches and captivates the unpoised listener. Rarely has the term expression been more fitting, as one witnesses Helgi push his innermost feelings outwards with an urge that breaks through all filters set.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a very warm welcome for Mr. Helgi Jonsson !


For The Rest Of My Childhood