Gross Magic
uk | Label: The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing
Belgium (Promotor) Steven Thomassen

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Born in 1990, the very start of one of the most important musical decades ever, it is not hard to believe that music would become Samuel McGarrigle’s artistic destiny. Having spent years experimenting with visual art, in the form of paintings and film, music has always been an outlet for McGarrigle’s self-expression.

2011 sees the release of the Artist’s EP. ‘Teen Jamz’ is comprised of five sensational pop hits exploring the highs and lows of entering adult life for the first time ever.

With a lust for adventure and a backing bad to rival The Beatles, it is not difficult to imagine Gross Magic quickly becoming a household name.

Teen Jamz’ will be released 15/10/2011 on Fat Possum Records.



Teen Jamz
The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing(2011)