Gong Gong Gong
cn | Label: Wharf Cat Records

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Gong Gong Gong is a transnational duo from Beijing, China, tapping into the spirit of Bo Diddley, the Monks, and psychedelic blues from West Africa to Southeast Asia. The group explores the concept of “phantom rhythm”: between Tom Ng’s percussive guitar and Joshua Frank’s melodic, charging bass, an aura of ghostly snare hits emerges over a thumping low-end pulse. Atop this framework, Ng recounts Cantonese tales of absurdity, love and lust with fragmented, wry vision.

Since their first performances in 2015, Gong Gong Gong has toured China, Taiwan and Japan, performed and recorded in New York, and self-released numerous EPs including the President Piano Co. Tape and Rhythm n’ Drone I and II. Their first US 7″ single, Siren, will be released Fall 2018 on Wharf Cat Records.

“Brilliant Beijing ‘transnational boogie duo'” – Time Out Shanghai
“Music for the modern urban rambler, pure ballistic busking” – Tiny Mixtapes
“[Gong Gong Gong] has developed a cult following in Beijing for their spirited, stripped-down ‘boogie
woogie’ rock and roll” – The Beijinger