Georgie James
usa | Label: Saddle Creek

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Who is Georgie James? Add the Y of multi-instrumentalist John Davis (drummer of
D.C.’s defunct Q And Not U), the X of singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn, and their
combined knack for evocative production, inventive songwriting, and multi-part harmonies,
and you’re almost there. Mix in the duo’s passion for 60s & 70s pop music
including The Kinks, Richard & Linda Thompson, The Jam, Simon & Garfunkel, and
some Shake Some Action-era Flamin’ Groovies, and you’ve got it. While Georgie
James may at first seem like a strange amalgam, everything fits together perfectly
on their Saddle Creek debut, Places.
After a U.S. tour with Camera Obscura and some regional touring on their own,
Georgie James entered Arlington, VA’s Silver Sonya Studio in late summer 2006 to
record its debut full-length with the production help of Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark and
Aloha’s T.J. Lipple. Guest musicians included Andrew Black (The Explosion),
Matthew Gengler and Tony Cavallario (both of Aloha). Places finds Davis switching
duties between drums, bass and guitars, while Burhenn takes turns at the Wurlitzer
and the piano to create memorable indie pop that is gorgeously glam, focusing on
bright melodies and strong vocal harmonies.
The 12 tracks that make up Places are pure pop bliss that look towards the future,
but are undeniably rooted in music from generations past. "Cake Parade" and
"Long Week" illustrate Davis’s and Burhenn’s affinity for McCartney-style piano pop.
The upbeat "Need Your Needs" and "More Lights" are rounded out by a Talking
Heads-influenced rhythm section and are once again complemented by dynamic
male/female harmonies that carry the songs’ choruses. Cowsills-style sunshine pop
influences come through in "Henry And Hanzy" which is light, breezy and incredibly
catchy. Places is fresh, but also timeless, distinguishing Georgie James from their
indie rock counterparts and setting the stage for a series of artistic triumphs.