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On a cool California night in 2008, old friends Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov stood under the starry sky at a wedding reception and dreamt of what it would be like to play music like Mahmoud Ahmed did in 1970’s Ethiopia, or what it would feel like to channel the great Soukous players of the Congo from the heyday of Diblo Dibala. Quickly materializing into a venerable gang of up to 15 musicians, 2009 saw the release of the band’s debut self-titled album. The first single “Surprise Hotel” was quick to leave fans powerless under its unique harnessing of a summertime feeling.

The sophomore album, Leave No Trace landed in 2010, refining the band’s sound and stripping back the lineup to a permanent 5 members: Luke, Lewis, Garrett Ray, Brad Caulkins, and Salvador Placencia. With this new stronghold of a lineup, the band launched a multitude of US and European tours that ranging from appearances at Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and ACL Fest to sharing the stage with legendary desert rockers Tinariwen at the historic Hollywood Bowl. The end of 2012 found the band supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers in arenas across the UK as well as in Tel Aviv, for one of the largest concerts in Israel’s history.

In 2013, the band eased out of a long and demanding touring schedule to focus on writing new material. With 5 years of experience behind them, this was a great opportunity to further hone in on the band’s identity and songwriting. “I’m In Love”, the first single from the new album is a joyous ode to Calypso rhythms, Reggae funk, Nigerian disco, and hints of classic American R&B and Motown. The familiar FG sound will be immediately apparent: Garrett Ray’s syncopated beat, Salvador Placencia’s spirited slaps, Lewis Pesacov’s funky guitar licks, Brad Caulkins’ graceful keyboard, and Luke Top’s rousing yelps and thumping bass lines. If you listen closely you will hear the sound of a 5-piece band that has traveled the world together and is ready, once again, to make you dance.

“I’m In Love” single b/w “I’m In Love” (Poolside Remix) releases worldwide 09/08 on the band’s own record label, Grand Gallop.




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