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Endlingr is an instrumental, psychedelic scape-rock trio hailing from Ghent. Their music can be described as obscure, cinematic, compressed with riff- and scape based passages. There’s an inseparable visual hatch closely interwoven in the identity of the music, it carries the listener in a more intense total experience.

In the universe of Endlingr we collide unmistakable on concepts such as disconnection, alienation, desolation, isolation, dystopia, nostalgia for pristine nature, a cinematic connotation (film noir) with metropolitan allures.”From The Molten Vaults” was released in January 2020 through Consouling Sounds.

About “Tra”

“Tra” constitutes the physical structure of an entity. Ent is the giant root. The beginning of a cycle that connects everything and everyone.
It also reveals the circular nature and pitfalls of the human condition.

It is a trifecta of sound design, evil spirit riffs an movie scene madness in which you lose yourself and forget about all that was or is to be.
The trip takes you along a heavy and groovy but also calm and trippy rollercoaester of a harmonic ride.
It is a journey that leads you to a place somewhere between the dessert stretches of a forgotten dimension and the day-to-day city ant hill in which we all subside.

Share your pain with the noise Endlingr provides.

The album consists of 3 tracks: Tra – Ent – Crest. Each their own universe, each their own unique mountain of sound to climb and conquer…

Recorded at La Patrie with sound wizard Koen Gisen and created in the house of truth of Michaël Neyt, these tracks share a more evolved sound within the Endlingr universe.


Endlingr is

Jo De Geest — A unique brilliant guitar master of harmony and rhythm who studied at Conservatory Ghent and conquers his demons in another project also, John Ghost.

Kris Auman — A beautiful mistress of low end who studied life and nature far deeper than normal understanding but also graduated Conservatory Ghent and uses her skills in other projects such as Ian Clement band, Alfredo, Stadlander, Ladakh… and who forms a rigid rhythm section with Sylvester.

Sylvester Vanborm — A groove drummer extraordinaire who didn’t study music but feels it in his bones and whose heart beats between 85 bpm and 220 bpm. Some call him the John Bonham of Ghent, some don’t. He earned his medals among projects like Wallace Vanborn, Future Old People are Wizards, Alex Verdi, Batsmasher, …



DAMUSIC:  “Steengoede instrumentale rock.”

INDIESTYLE:  “Slim, verfijnd en filmisch. ENDLINGR weet meteen te overtuigen.”

3voor12:  “Opzwepende trips die doen denken aan Palm Desert scene.”



Consouling Sounds(2023)
From the Molten Vaults
Consouling Sounds(2021)

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