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“I hope she becomes very famous” – Thom Yorke

Producer Emika is an Anglo-Czech talent who was classically trained in her youth, later discovering the limitless world of electronic composition that would provide the yin to her formative yang. She launched Emika Records in 2014 in search of freedom and independence, an experience which inspired the imprint’s third release: DREI, a full-length album by Emika


Studying sound design at university, she soaked up the sounds of Bristol’s burgeoning dubstep-era bass culture before migrating to Berlin and immersing herself in the world of techno. Spending four years as a sound designer at Native Instruments’ headquarters in the city, she set up about establishing herself as a multifarious artist – signing to Ninja Tune and delivering two acclaimed albums, DVA and Emika

Her relationship with Ninja Tune saw her support the legendary Amon Tobin across North America on his ISAM tour, and she has since taken her mesmeric live show and DJ sets across the world – performing throughout Europe and in Russia and China. She also performed a live set for Boiler Room Berlin in 2012

Emika has worked on many collaborative projects aside from her resolutely personal solo material – including alongside Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, Marcel Dettmann, Pinch, Jimmy Edgar, Tommy Four Seven and MyMy. She was responsible for gathering the field recordings of the sounds of Berghain for their Fünf compilation and created a track for the collection herself. She has also recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Czech soprano Michaela Soprano, and has been shot by photographers including Bettina Rheims and Madison

Her music has been used at the London 2012 Olympics, in adverts by Gucci and McLaren, and by NBC – whose use of her Chris Isaak Wicked Game cover saw the track rocket to iTunes’ No. 1 in Canada and No. 2 in the US. She was also sampled by The Weeknd on his track Professional and increasingly contributes music to film soundtracks – including a trailer for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

She launched her own label Emika Records in 2014 in search of “freedom and independence” with the Melancholia Euphoria 12″, following it in quick succession with her lauded piano opus Klavirni and her third full studio album DREI. “I’m a freedom seeker, trying to create and invent new space for myself and my work to exist” she says. “I hope one day this space will be big enough to accommodate other artists and their own ideas and directions.

With a full orchestral symphony in the works and plenty more album projects to boot, her relentless creative drive shows no signs of letting up

Words by Ben Gomori



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