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Elsa Hewitt is a prolific producer and songwriter, known for making avant-garde electronic music. Mesmerising and deceptively experimental, her music merges currents of lo-fi house, future garage, dub-techno, experimental-techno and hip-hop, with hazy textural ambience, well honed songwriting and spoken word. It is a distinctive yet unpredictable sound that continues to evolve with every release. In 2016, following over twelve years developing her songwriting and aptitude for creating albums, the talented artist won the PRS Foundation’s Lynsey de Paul Prize and was shortly after selected for Brownswood’s Future Bubblers Year 2 collective. Consequently in 2017 there came the release of three albums; ‘Cameras From Mars’, ‘Dum Spiro Spero’ and ‘Peng Variations’, which are now collectively entitled ‘Becoming Real Trilogy’. In 2018 Hewitt produced ‘Quilt Jams’, consisting of 13 improvised, minimal and ambient compositions, ‘Given’ for ‘Future Bubbers 2.0’, progressive pop single ‘Invisible Threads’, the ‘Becoming Real – Trilogy Compilation’ vinyl, and created and performed work for the Open Music Archive and The Jazz Cafe. Elsa Hewitt’s newest album ‘Citrus Paradisi’ is released on 1st March 2019, making it her fifth album release in two years.