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At the end of 2014 Wolf Vanwymeersch and Mario Govaert recruited Stijn Vanmarsenille and Maarten Flamand to form Elefant, a not so gentle giant.


Their 4th concert was recorded and released as the EP ‘Nordic Tanzen am Sonntag’ (2015).
After the single ‘The Realm’/’Jede Uhr Tickt’ (2016) and the video ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ (2017), their debut full album ‘Konark Und Bonark’ was released in 2018 through 9000 Records/Consouling. They organised the most memorable release show, with a 20 piece brass band, all in uniform, as their opening act. Fittingly absurd. The rave (and some not-so rave) reviews that followed lead to more concerts being played.


January 2020 will bring us their second album ‘Bejahung’. The band intended to create a truly ugly, dissonant, senseless, distorted cacaphony as the successor to ‘Konark und Bonark’ but instead all these beautiful, kind of normal, sometimes happy, sometimes sad songs came out. Life can be funny that way. Where previous releases focused on alienation, this ended up being about coming together. Saying yes to life (but still with an edge and a few loose screws) and thus ‘Bejahung’ was created’.


‘Bejahung’ was played, recorded and mixed by Elefant
‘Bejahung’ will be released January 2020 through 9000 Records (by Consouling Sounds).