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Echo Beatty: mesmerizing songs and a penetrating voice, unworldly and haunting. The universe of Annelies Van Dinter.

Annelies started Echo Beatty in her early twenties and became, over the years, a frequently requested side-kick with Trixie Whitley, Mauro Pawlowski, The Black Heart Rebellion and Bed Rugs, among others.

Echo Beatty already released two studio albums: “Tidal Motions” and “Nonetheless” for which she received jubilant press reviews which ensured that EB was able to tour frequently all over EU.

A new EP “Ode To The Attempt” (2019) shows a new EB after a turbulent period.
On this EP, Echo Beatty sounds more open and naked than ever before and Van Dinter dances on the borders of alternative pop, rock and indie folk.

For the recordings, Annelies worked with Koen Gisen, Mirko Banovic and Louis Evrard. Patricia Vanneste (ex-Balthazar, Hydrogen Sea, Sohnarr) and Trui Amerlinck (Ivy Falls, Tsar B) provided extra magic on violin and cello.

“Ode To The Attempt” is released in October 2019 on Unday Records (Millionaire, Faces On TV, The Bony King Of Nowhere, Trixie Whitley).



Waste My Records(2016)
Tidal Motions
Icarus Records(2013)