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Rising from the ashes of cult favourite Sian Alice Group at the beginning of 2012, Eaux is comprised of former members Sian Ahern, Ben Crook and Stephen Warrington. Whilst still centring around the soaring vocals of Ahern, the group delves deeper into the darker electronic elements of their previous outfit with the inclusion of drum pads and samplers, pulsating percussive sequencers and layers of synths, intensifying the sound with hypnotic guitar arpeggios and bass loops.

Structuring their songs to work with the constraints of a live sound, the trio switch between instruments, sounds and rhythmic patterns. From within this musical framework, Sian’s uniquely beautiful voice effortlessly weaves together understated pop melodies with elements of folk, 60s psych & avant pop, German Kosmische and electronic music, to early British Industrial and Detroit techno.

Since playing their first show in early 2012 the band have embarked on European tours with Django Django and Destroyer as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Chromatics, Yacht, Active Child, Indians, Teengirl Fantasy, Blanck Mass and Blondes.


“Ahern’s crystalline vocals guide the way towards oblivion.”


“Rising from the ashes of Sian Alice Group, Eaux continue to sound enthralling encapsulating that dark, bewitching spirit perfectly, slowly drawing you in with Sian’s gliding vocals and the delicate, unobtrusive accompaniment from her band.”


“Seaux good”


“An EP for fans of Chromatics… It drifts and trickles and then swells in a semi-meditative manner, and yet feels like a cousin of dance music that had an aunt that was massively into sound installation art. On each of the tracks here, Eaux take the gentle grace of various recent ambient and drone movements and fuse them with something that widescreen and euphoric. There’s elements of Oneohtrix Point Never off-setting the spiralling fizz of Factory Floor and Fuck Buttons. There’s that similar chill and a made-you-gasp awe you can also hear on tracks from Fever Rey to White Hinterland to Kate Wax and beyond. Silky beats and a general sense of shimmering is what they do do. Grainy. Dreamy. Better-than-most-new-bands-y.”
Drowned In Sound


“Sian’s unique and mesmerising voice provides the perfect counterpart for understated pop sounds with elements of folk, 60s psych, avant pop and early British Industrial.”
Dazed and Confused


“The group’s dark-side fixations bring to mind the smoky grandeur of contemporaries like Balam Acab, Beak>, and Zola Jesus, but i never sounds bleak for the sake of being bleak. The sweeping, trance-tinged new wave of New Peaks radiates wide-screen optimism, and the cozy Snow, with its muted Rhodes keyboard, recalls the intimate bedroom pop of Nicolas Jaar.”
SPIN Magazine


“Eaux are the kind of band that deserve to be listened to properly: in pitch black as you sit in private at 1am, giving the music your full attention. It’s then that the dark, brooding electronics can take full, gripping effect”
DIY Magazine


“The EP is as crystalline and as unique as the archetypal snowflake itself – there are ingenious flourishes of inspiration, melodies so delicate they feel like they’d melt to the touch and a hypothermic sense of warmth in all its frosty open spaces. All this proves that it’s the evolutionary process itself that actually makes this record so engaging (rather than alienating) for its listener, as the experimental newness of each sound rings through, giving it an innovative sparkle.”


“An enigmatic diversity of synthetic textures and protracted tension-building.”
The Fader