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DOOMSQUAD is a Toronto-based art project made up of siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas. The trio create experimental dance music that’s heavily indebted to trance and psychedelia. As interdisciplinary artists, the band brings a wide range of influences to bear throughout their work. From far-reaching global beats to the sounds of their local community, it’s all thoughtfully curated and channeled into a project of immersion and unity. The result is a mesmerizing sonic landscape of dynamic repetition. DOOMSQUAD constructs a contemplative space for deep listening, within the music and within yourself.

Their debut album Kalaboogie (2014, Hand Drawn Dracula), was a fresh, head-tilting take on electronic music, drawing on trance and psychedelia and leading to praise and interest from around the world. Their dark, new age re-coding of the electronic music narrative fuses the worldly and the cosmic. With the Pageantry Suite EP (2015, Hand Drawn Dracula / Bella Union), DOOMSQUAD explored a brighter, shinier side of their sound while continuing to sharpen their dark, insightful lyrics. Ever since Owen Pallett discovered the band, DOOMSQUAD have earned a reputation for putting on thrilling, creative and extremely unique performances.

DOOMSQUAD is a diverse project that collaborates with many different types of musicians. After touring with Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq, Doomsquad immediately went back on the road doing an International tour with hardcore band Fucked Up.

The band is now working with Polaris-studded producer Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck, on their second full-length album, Total Time, due in spring 2016 on Bella Union.



Total Time
Bella Union(2016)