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Softcore performance artist DOLLY BING BING is a cybersexual fantasy, a ‘glamorous alien popstar’, a post-apocalyptic Gesamtkunstwerk. Dolly is Rilke’s angel. She has a horny, smokey voice glowing feverishly in an electronic futuristic R&B-scape, ascending sweetly through dark and light with trippy melodies and exalted rap-recitations. For her first EP ANGELBYTE she collaborated with Ghent-based producer Alien Observer.

In her shows she sings, raps, dances and ‘vogues’ as fearless as she is vulnerable. With glossy sculptural nudity, pumping moves, a painted face, alienating Lolita-vibes, metaphysical poetry, olympic elegance and hardcore bondage she performs freedom next-level, revealing a new, angelic, futuristic form of sexuality: queer, porn, goth, tropical, fashion, sweet, hard, open and inaccessible all at once.

DOLLY is a sweet Stripper Angel and Alien Goddess: popping as a glitch on the stage of the ordinary world she incarnates the kicks of the worldwideweb in full realness.

For fans of: FAKA, Fka Twigs, Arca, Grimes, Charlotte Adigery/WWWater, Brooke Candy, Mykki Blanco, Abra, Grace Jones, David Bowie