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Multi-instrumentalist and composer David ‘Dijf’ Sanders combines a broad mix of styles with a boundless artistic approach full of multicultural blends. The Ghent based artist has always been working on various projects, collaborations or productions at the same time – lately he worked with Warhaus, Sylvie Kreusch, Mattias De Craene’s MDC III and Wim Vandekeybus (Die Bakchen – Lasst uns tanzen), to name a few – but that did not prevent him from releasing solo records as well.

Dijf, who was a member of the (synth)pop bands Teddiedrum and The Violent Husbands, already raised excitement with the exotica-oriented ‘Moonlit Planetarium’ (2016), an album that created an experimental clash between percussive, ethnic sounds and rather Western beats, occasionally topped off with his mysterious vocals.
After the ecletic gem Java (2017), Dijf Sanders brings another musical adventure from another part of the world. This time it is a world infused by Nepalese, Tibetan, Chinese and Indian culture. Having traveled to Nepal, Dijf has used his fieldrecording and impressions to create a new universe together with drummer Simon Segers and Saxophone player Mattias De Craene.

Expect a sound trance where monk chanting, eclectic beats but also mantra style techno will be fused. Namaste!



Unday Records(2020)
Moonlit Planetarium
Smoking Crab Records(2016)
Noisesome Recordings(2008)
To Be A Bob
Mating Season