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In the space between expectation and surprise you will findDe Beren Gieren, providing ro-bust evidence that gold can still be mined from the union of piano, bass and drums. Theelectro-acoustic trio, founded in 2009, is without any doubt part of the top of the Belgian jazzscene. From 2010 to 2015 the band resided in art center Vooruit (Ghent). Their internationalbreakthrough came with their second album ‘A Raveling’ (2013). The following year, a live re-cording with Portuguese trumpet player Susana Santos Silva was released as The ‘Detour Fish’(2014) on record label Clean Feed and was critically praised worldwide. In 2015 the third trioalbum ‘One Mirrors Many’ was awarded as “most influential & accurate album of the year” byJazzism and marked the beginning of their electronic quest, finding its maturity in ‘Dug OutSkyscrapers’ (2017), released on Belgian label Sdban. It won the Klara Award for ‘Best JazzAlbum Of The Year’. They toured Europe and Japan to spread their overwhelming live energy.In 2019, the band celebrated its 10th birthday and released a limited edition ‘BroensgebuzzeEP’ on Sdban. The accompanying tour took place in churches; acoustic live concerts with anastonishing visual and sonic atmosphere.

De Beren Gieren is a worldwide acclaimed band: besides being a must-see band on all the bestBenelux stages, they brought their transcendental live energy to France, Germany, Portugal,Norway, England, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Morocco and Japan. Theywere invited to perform at major events such as North Sea Jazz, Jazz Middelheim, TrondheimJazzfestival, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Moers Festival, Gent Jazz, Kanazawa Jazz Street and Euro-sonic.

The trio is known for its unique energetic sound, sparkling melodies, complex structures andquirky song titles. They bring a blend of polyrhythmic soundscapes, sing-alongs and elitisttwists, showing an ability to change mood in a way that constantly holds one’s attention. A liveexperience not to be missed. That’s certainly what brought the trio to collaborate with internati-onally renowned Jazz artists as Louis Sclavis, Ernst Reijseger, Joachim Badenhorst, Marc Ribot,Jan Klare and Jean-Yves Evrard.