Daisuke Tanabe

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Daisuke Tanabe is a producer from Chiba, Japan. The former art student who also lived and worked in
London for some years is currently based in Tokyo, where he assembles his exceptional pieces of music.
Originally coming from a techno/breakbeat background, Daisuke has developed his own style of
production to create a distinctive sound between hiphop, electronica, folk and jazz.

During his time in the UK, he published for Gilles Peterson’s famous Brownswood label and performed
together with Zero DB, some of the leading lights in the UK breakbeat scene. On a recent Japan tour with
French hiphop instrumentalist ONRA, he once again knew to impress the audience with his unique
melange of jazz, electronica and hiphop. When performing live, Daisuke Tanabe succeeds in combining
his instrumental tracks with hiphop acappellas and creates an extraordinary atmosphere