Dag for Dag
se | Label: Haldern Pop Rec

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American-Swedish. Brother and sister. Nomadic wanderers. ‘Joy Division chorus.’ ‘Kate Bush and Jim Morrison would ride the sea to one of their shanties.’ On a balmy Stockholm September afternoon just shy of two years ago today, Sarah and Jacob collectively recalled their mother’s words, “Dive right in!” And so they did, plugging in the bass, eking out the edgiest distortion from lungs and guitar strings, warming up the organ, hunting down a drummer or two. Thus was born Dag för Dag. And just short of celebrating their two-year birthday as a band, this American-Swedish two-piece, joined on stage by a raucous drummer, have toured with Wolf Parade, Cursive, Lykke Li, Shout Out Louds, Handsome Furs, The Faint and The Kills. In 2009 they played SXSW, Eurosonic, Great Escape, Stag and Dagger, Dot to Dot and By:Larm. In May Shooting from the Shadows, a 6-song EP put out by Saddle Creek Europe, became their first official release, met with critical acclaim and leading to a BBC 6 Live Session with Marc Riley. Featured in both Glamour Magazine as ‘the new PJ Harvey’ and Vice Scandinavia as ‘album of the month’, they explode in gold and sweat on stage.

Drawing audiences to them with an invisible, unexpected magnet, they now come armed with a full-length album, containing 5 tracks produced with Richard Swift in their US homeland and 7 tracks produced with Johannes Berglund in their Swedish new land. As a band that lives for the live stage, they had to speak long and hard to the mixing desk, the producers, the microphone and the cavernous walls of dark studios on hot summer days: “please capture the spirit and energy and magic witnessed on stage.” As so, with the help of two very determined recording magicians, Dag för Dag present you with Boo, their very first full-length album. Lacking pretension, lacking analysis, lacking comparisons of what others are up to, lacking concern for what’s now, nothing stands between this duo and the ever bigger stage, the ever bigger listening audience.

As one British reviewer said: “Hmm… guess I’ve talked myself into thinking this might be the White Stripes who won’t baffle me when everyone else is into them…!”  Like the drug infamous for its ability to transport you to highs you shan’t ever wish to come down from, up until now swearing yourself far from its mysterious gates, so too do Dag för Dag hold an overpowering repertoire and promise of a height not touched for many a musical year.

So come on, just this once…