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crat is a Brussels based DJ, label owner and promoter. He is a part of Ghent-based collective Kavir, which focuses on the alternative and experimental side of modern Middle-Eastern arts.

Through all of his projects, crat tries to manifest a sense of urgency. Ranging from his erratic and genre-bending mixing to the ?URGENT MUSIC c?ompilation series on his label MONTAGE, he tries to convey a certain political energy through abstract electronic music.

Frustrated in contemporary nihilistic hedonism and irony, he tries to reconceive an anarchist sphere of sociopolitical activation on the dancefloor. Combining all genres from the onset of electronic music, crat weaves with ease through Reynolds’ ?Hardcore Continuum a?s if he was born 30 years earlier. Never losing focus of a radical energy, he manages to combine these UK sounds with a diverse choice of activated and experimental club-music. He describes his own selection process as a search for ?The weird and the eerie ?in any genre, while remaining critical of all the tropes hidden within them. This way he manages to combine tracks not only through style or BPM, but also through a shared ethic, a DIY energy or a punk spirit. For crat, identifying as alternative goes further than shopping in a different mall.

For fans of The Mover, Lee Gamble, NAAFI, Dominowe, DJ Nigga Fox, DjRum, Mumdance, Pinch, …