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Alcatraz Festival - Kortrijk (be)
ArcTanGent - Bristol (uk)
Splintertime Open Air - Roosdaal (be)
't Beest - Goes (nl)
Baroeg Open Air - Rotterdam (nl)
Melkweg - Amsterdam (nl)
Gigant - Apeldoorn (nl) + Hippotraktor
De Zwerver - Leffinge (be)
Wilde Westen - Kortrijk (be)
Headbanger's Balls Fest - Izegem (be)
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COBRA THE IMPALER continue their masterclass in contemporary heavy metal with Karma Collision : an action packed collection of heavy anthems that juxtapose deceptive complexity and technical prowess with soaring hooks and stirring choruses!

Born from a deep wish to combine savagemetal with gripping visuals, COBRA THE IMPALER came on the scene with their 2021 debutalbum Colossal Gods setting the exploits of monstrous heroes and sly gods to  soaring hooks and melodies. On Karma Collision the colours deepen and the plot thickens as the band turn to a more complex and layered approach to their songwriting. Hearkening to an era in which comic books and videogames became darker and more violent, these songs forcefully drag you along on a grim journey into the belly of the beast.

With infinitely memorable choruses and particularly pungent bridge sections, Karma Collision takes you on a technicolour trip through auniverse of troubled heroes and a we -inspiring monsters. Shifting gears effortlessly from break neck-speed bridges through dazzling prechoruses to earworm inducing refrains, the songs on Karma Collision undeniably possess that magical fist-pumping quality that characterises the great metal anthems of old.

These songs appear deceptively simple in their complexity, yet Cobra the Impaler only use their technical prowess to greater emphasis etheir even more impressive use of melody. Every track will have your eaching for that volumeknob multiple times, cranking it up with each new turn on this winding odyssey! From the menacingly chugging guitars of «TheFountain» to the infinitely huge chorus of «MyInferno» , and from the relentlessly pounding double kickdrumming of «MagneticHex» to thetasty vocal harmonies of the title track, Karma Collision remains gripping till the end and will have you singing along the heroes’ chant until the world goes down into flames!



Karma Collision
Listenable Records(2024)
Colossal Gods
Listenable Records(2022)