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C’mon Tigre is deeply influenced by the great Mediterranean mixture of cultures, a huge amount of colour and information that we wanted to process in a more intellectual way, talking about tradition but without using traditional language. The project began as a two-piece and has sprouted as a synthesis of that contemporary culture, mixing its roots music with the influences added by musicians from America and Northern Europe, coming mostly from jazz, afro-jazz, and underground culture.

Over the years, we created a strong bond with visual arts, working closely with different artists, making beautiful imagery flourish. We released the first album in 2014 and so far produced two animated films with two of the most talented artists we know: Gianluigi Toccafondo, a master painter who has changed the history of European animation, and Danijel Zezelj, a really gifted Croatian graphic novelist.

The challenge was mixing the music with different visual arts. C’mon Tigre brought on stage live painting, graphic art, and of course art movies and animations. It’s the result of a long journey, performing live in the main venues in Italy and festivals around Europe (Roskilde Festival (DK), Fiesta Des Suds and Rendez-Vous De L’Erdre (FR), Eurosonic (NL),…).

It’s been a search for the people who are able to crystallise a piece of their culture, artists that we love and who keep on inspiring us.

This second album ‘Racines’ pushed us beyond the Mediterranean by featuring musicians like Mick Jenkins, Danny Ray Barragan from Drumetrics, Jessica Lurie and The Tiptons Sax Quartet among others. Through the stronger bond with visual arts, creating a different series of images for each track. All those stories were collected in a book, that’s incorporated in the double LP of the album. You can leaf through while listening. Here are a few artists involved in the book: Harry Peccinotti, Boogie, Shigekiyuriko Yamane, Stefano Ricci, Gianluigi Toccafondo, Maurizio Anzeri, Sic Est, Ericailcane and Danijel Zezelj.


When they fire up these wonderfully twisted tunes live it’s a magic moment. Don’t miss it at Roskilde Festival 2016! – Roskilde Festival (DK)

‘Canditate for record of the year. The outcome is impressive…’ – NBHAP (DE)




BDC / !K7 Records(2019)
C'mon Tigre