Christine Owman
se | Label: Glitterhouse Rec.

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Christine’s passion for music started at an early age. She sang before she could talk, wrote music before she could spell and started playing the cello at the age of five. Learning to play instrument after instrument she started her own record label after graduating high school. Owman released her own and other bands’ music until she signed with Glitterhouse in 2013. Her first release on Glitterhouse was Little Beast which included two songs featuring Mark Lanegan. Since then – apart from writing music to theatre pieces, recording with other bands and touring with SoKo, Wovenhand and Vånna Inget – Owman has been touring the world with her album.

Christine Owman’s full band consists of Magnus Sveningsson of The Cardigans on the bass, Andréas Almqvist of Vånna Inget on the drums, Erika Rosén on the guitar and herself on the cello, guitar, singing saw and vocals. She combines a warm and empowering stage presence, sincerity and musical skill with an almost unhuman, creature-like live performance that invites you to her dreams, nightmares and thoughts which can be both dreamy, dark and political, but inspiring and captivating all the same. To give a wider perspective of her music and creative mind Owman also makes movie projections for all her songs with inspiration from the 1920s burlesque, stunt and art films