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Artstravaganza is Chicks on Speed’s innovative perspective on the current impressive collision between analog and digital worlds. Their songs lie at the cutting edges of activism and media-pop-art, where the digital world embraces the hand made, rough and spontaneous, interlacing the programmed, the multi-layered and delicious data scapes, where sloganeering leads us through to time rippling via a stop in their self-made Utopia and the strobe light stays on.

Writer Douglas Coupland describes us living in a post Koonsian world with a curated 21st century lifestyle, where everything is art and everyone can be an artist and even non-art is art by default: a Readymade!

Globetrotting performance, art, music, fashion and new media provocateurs, Chicks on Speed (Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan) are back with their genre-defying & shape-shifting ARTSTRAVAGANZA. The album and corresponding series of 6 interactive musical instrument APP’s presents analogue craft strategies alongside digital human computer interaction. A collision between pop music, art, activism and data, ARTSTRAVAGANZA is the culmination of the transdisciplinary ideal, which has been at the core of Chicks on Speed for the last 17 years. This all-encompassing artwork, includes musical contributions from a diverse range of collaborators, such as Julian Assange, Princess Francesca von Hapsburg, Yoko Ono, Peter Weibel, Angie Seah, Anat Ben David, among others.


Chicks on Speed Records(2014)