© Mia Ferm
usa | Label: Asthmatic kitty
Europe/UK (Agent) Steven Thomassen

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Everybody’s got stories and histories and back-stories but when the lights go out and the shit goes down, what good’ll they do you? What we need is courage, sanctity, and some love (carnal, secret, even troubled.) We need Son House or Charley Patton, nothin’ but clapping hands, and a hoarse voice telling us about Gawwwd, the Devil, that WOMAN. We need blues and we need beats smashing outta the back end of a Cadillac in some back-end-town. And we get all of that with Castanets. Let’s roll the time-line…


Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts
Asthmatic kitty(2009)
City of Refuge
Asthmatic kitty(2008)
In the Vines
Asthmatic kitty(2007)