Caitlin Rose
usa | Label: Theory 8 Records
Belgium (Promotor) Steven Thomassen

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Caitlin Rose is a twenty one year old singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN, who is spending more time recreating the songs of our past than most artists twice her age are able to do. Upon first listen, you might swear you’ve heard Caitlin’s music before. Perhaps in a smoky honky-tonk or a dimly lit dive bar where the waitresses are all named Wanda and the well drinks are only a dollar. Though this would simply be an auditory illusion, your first impression wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Caitlin Rose, though young, has learned from the “Queens of Country”, and she delivers her sonically seductive tunes with a set of pipes that would make Loretta herself proud.

Accompanied by instrumentation that harkens back to the likes of Gram Parson or Hank Williams, Rose performs songs that range from genuinely poignant ballads to tongue-in-cheek tales of teenage pregnancy and primate love. Sometimes sparse and naked, other times robust, her music is laid out as an offering before the Gods of Americana, Folk and Country music.

The Dead Flowers EP is a candid glimpse of Caitlin’s soul – one that truly may have been forged at the crossroads of Country and Western. Let Rock and Roll’s tambourine toting little sister into your heart.




Out Side Now
Theory 8 Records(2011)
Death Flowers
Theory 8 Records(2008)