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BOLT RUIN brings dark electronic music that fuses the energy of hardcore punk with the delicacy of classical music. Years of capturing the rawness of trash bands and droning noise outfits foster into the fundaments of a meticulously crafted solo-production.

The lines between digital audio and the physical world blur in a Tim Hecker-esque manner. BOLT RUIN pushes quivering amplifiers to their limits with an intense re-amping process. Complex labyrinths of boutique pedals and deteriorated tape-loops unfold. These destructive signal paths seek the threshold where sound sources collapse beyond repair. The remaining debris is reconstructed into the pillars of dense compositions.

Layers of field-recorded textures, grainy melodies and warped voices collide with fractured rhythms and thunderous basses. These sonic territories unearth a deep sense for motion. Morphing a thick rumble as it leaps forward, unclear whether it cherishes or frontally assaults what passes by. BOLT RUIN writes the soundtrack to overgrown industrial wastelands. Drawing grey areas between cinematic beauty and harsh sceneries.

For fans of Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Bliss Signal, Blanck Mass & Forest Swords.



Bolt Ruin
Circuits by Consouling Sounds(2019)