Bliss Signal
uk | Label: True Panther
Europe/UK (Agent) Steven Thomassen

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Bliss Signal marks a new collaboration between two established producers from starkly different backgrounds. Jack Adams, aka Mumdance, is known for his dancefloor hybrids which fuse grime tropes with techno, noise, and sound design aesthetics. James Kelly was best known as the founding member of acclaimed black metal group Altar of Plagues, and later went on to release solo experimental electronic as WIFE.

Premiering (at Unsound Festival Krakow) in 2017, Bliss Signal meets at the middle of these producers interests and weaves anthemic black metal riffs into a mist of drone, sub bass, and jungle pads driven by 909 blast beats.

Debut EP is out since August 2018 via True Panther/Secretly Canadian and cd edition via Profound Lore. Full album release September 28th.



Bliss Signal
True Panther(2018)