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‘UFO Conspiracy Believer’, the first Benny Zen Album (Jezus Factory, 2009) already positioned the band as a unique voice in the world of alternative pop. With ‘Run Back to the Safety of the Town’ (2011) they took their awkwardly provincial paranoia a few steps further. ‘Tony the Hindu and the Advocates of Science and Culture’ (2012) was a concept album, a collection of 22 miniature-songs (max. length 2 minutes) + 22 videos + 22 stories about inspiring people from the realm of science and culture. With the fourth album ‘Go out and Love the People’, Peter Houben returns to his crooked roots: cross-eyed rock that nevertheless manages to run straight ahead. He wrote 11 songs in accordance with the following guidelines: the guitarist’s right hand must bang out eighth notes (ta-da-da-da-ta-da-da-da), the bass player can only use two fingers, the drummer sticks to a diet of Irish coffee and neither diminished nor augmented chords are allowed. Things came to a conclusion during the five hottest days of 2013 (Pascal Deweze’s studio has no air-conditioning). The result is a deceptively transparent ROCK ALBUM about waiting rooms, Bob Dylan, spring fever, art in the 21st century, 50 cigarettes a day, love and bees