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Bààn is a Belgian instrumental duo initiated in Brussels in 2016 by Pascal N. Paulus (keyboards) and Jean-Philippe De Gheest (drums). They knit ambient, psych, jazz and rock into an intoxicating musical blanket that gently wraps around you and slowly lets you drift to a different universe. The duo started recording straight away, and released their debut album in 2017.

Pascal N. Paulus, aka Paulson, is already known as a multi musician, composer, performer and producer in many projects such as Melanie De Biasio, La Jerôme, Kris Dane, etc. Jean-Philippe De Gheest has been collaborating for years with Mark Lanegan, American singer-songwriter and ex-member of Queens of the Stone Age. He also is a member of the trio “Piloot”, with whom he works around instant sounds and grooves.

Both of its members thoroughly influenced by jazz and its broad ramifications, Bààn also turns out as a crossover between psychedelic and trance music, which can be related to a Floydish or ambient soundscape.

With photographer Maël Lagadec, they created two films based on their music, that sharply enhances their atmosphere. Check them out below.

In March 2019, the second record will be released, which will only be available on digital platforms and on a limited edition of 50 cassette tapes.

Bààn is currently working on its third album which they are processing in a more produced manner this time, unlike the first two albums, that each consisted of only two long tracks – much like Brian Eno’s albums – opening space to dig in and let go. Despite the awareness that today’s main format still is a 3 minute track, they consider it their challenge, and you can expect the experience to last even longer when you get to see them live!




Electric Woman Records(2019)